Specialized services


The transmission industry is a complex one, and as such needs constantly changing. For this reason, UNITRANS offers complimentary services to meet all reasonable requests.

High Performance Clutch – Racing & Drag

Exedy High Performance Clutch – from stage 1 to 5.

Exedy High Performance Clutch – from stage 1 to 5

Flywheel Resurfacing Service

Recycled & refurbished products


Valve Body

 Transfer Case


Torque Converters

  Custom-made high performance converters

Special part orders

Specialized parts

  Electrical components (solenoids, sensors, wires…)
  Wide selection of CVT transmission parts
  Wide selection of rare transmission parts: M21,T10…

Metal Recycling Service

For proper disposal of metals and recycling purposes, please refer to our Purchasing Department specialized in transmission and core parts.

Price list available upon request: 1 800 361-4260 option #5

UNITRANS Recycling Department offers its services to different recycling centers, repair shops, car dealers and any other businesses that are concerned with metal waste management. Our container packaging or repackaging fulfillment service allows product (parts) containers to be sorted and stored for later shipment.